Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Coolest Nature Video Ever

Ace Bushy Striptease - Slurpt - 2014

From Birmingham England. Five piece diy pop-punk group. Short songs avoiding repetition. Girls crying into microphones.

Kane Strang - Blue Cheese - 2015

Dunedin psychedelic-pop musician Kane Strang has unveiled his debut album entitled Blue Cheese. The self-recorded and self-released offering has been a long time coming, Strang scrapped a whole album's worth of work and started from scratch to carve out Blue Cheese, resulting in a fresh and immediate sound that befits his dreamy style.

Chastity Belt - Time to Go Home - 2015

Recorded by José Díaz Rohena, Time to Go Home sees Seattle four-piece Chastity Belt take the nights out and bad parties of their past to their stretching points, watch the world around them break apart in anticipatory haze, and rebuild it in their own image with stunning clarity before anyone gets hung over. Time to Go Home is their first full-length for Hardly Art.

Pitchfork – 
“(Chastity Belt’s) No Regerts sounds young and callow and smart and horny all at the same time. Playing it feels like a night out.”

“But, as with all good comedy, No Regerts is actually saying something too. In between pelvic-thrusting sexual innuendo and self-mockery, Chastity Belt filter feminist theory, cultural commentary and general intellectual bad-assery… Chastity Belt isn’t the band 2013 wants—it’s the band 2013 needs.”

The Finest Kiss –
“What a bunch of punks!”

The Stranger –
“Simple, brilliant chord progressions, shockingly astute lyricism, and noise, oh my god, the beautiful noise. Their first EP Fuck Chastity Belt is a lo-fi bloody spiral of unyielding fury that refuses to leave my MP3 player.”

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Reindeer - Just Be Cool ep - 2015

Are a Boston and Providence based psych-pop band, consisting of Seana Carmody, Karen Orsi, Joyce Raskin, and Joe Propatier.
The four members have played in several independent bands including, Swirlies, Overflower, Scarce and The Bevis Frond.

The Future Dead - Feelings - 2015

fun slacker rock coming out of Belgium… 

Guy Fox - Night Owl - 2015

It’s not born out of decades of psych-rock, surf-rock or even folk, but lies at the very foundation of Bay Area music—soul and funk. Punctuating brass, playful bass lines, and even funk-pop make its way into a musical aesthetic found at the fingertips of Guy Fox

Stolen Jars - Kept - 2015

Stolen Jars is the indie music project of Cody Fitzgerald and Molly Grund. Inspired by acts as diverse as Sufjan Stevens, Elvis Costello, and Dirty Projectors, the music is a vibrant mixture of looping intricate guitar lines and floating melodies all brought to life by a live band featuring Elena Juliano, Connor McGuigan, Matt Marsico and Tristan Rodman.

Fitzgerald and Grund are building off the success of Stolen Jars' self-titled album released in 2011. The single off that album, "Driving," was featured in an international Apple iPad commercial and was awarded Song of the Week by Alt Mag. Their sophomore album Kept is decidedly more ambitious. Fitzgerald composed and layered tracks in his bedroom, tinkering to ensure precision. He and Grund then worked together to build vocal melodies around the tracks. When premiering, "Folded Out," the first single from Kept, Wondering Sound wrote, "Cody Fitzgerald and Molly Grund's voices spiral and intertwine . . . flutes dart like fireflies, strings swoop down - what started modest and pretty becomes mighty and bold and imposing." After the release other music bloggers enthusiastically agreed, describing the music, as"exuberant," "sweetly supple," "grand, an anthem." The album was mixed by Eli Crews (tUnE-yArDs, Deerhoof, WHY?) and mastered by Jeff Lipton (Arcade Fire, Bon Iver, LCD Soundsystem).

Friday, August 28, 2015

Seamus Fogarty - Ducks and Drakes - 2015


Seamus Fogarty’s soul-stirring blend of alt-folk, country, blues and electronica – performed by Seamus himself on a variety of instruments against a background of fragmented recordings and found sounds, from broken household appliances to snippets of random conversations with friends and neighbours – is like nothing else in contemporary music: an intriguingly uneasy handshake between the ancient and the modern. Where God Damn You Mountain – recently hailed by Mercury Prize-nominated artist Jon Hopkins as “a shambolic masterpiece” in an interview with Mojo – was recorded in a cottage in the West of Ireland where he grew up, the Ducks & Drakes EP took shape in his adopted home of London. “The album was kind of me looking back where as these tunes are more about where I am now and how I got here,” says Seamus. “I’m from the country but soon I’ll have spent most of my life living in cities. Fields and rivers have been replaced by parks, ponds and the tube but I don’t think I’ll ever fully adjust to city life, and that’s fine with me. That’s probably why I fill songs with samples of various friends and neighbours I grew up with, to remind myself of where I come from, who I’ve met and where I’ve been.” 

Candelaria Varela - The day that I cried so hard I ran out of tears and cried music & Confesiones de un sábado a la noche - 2014