Thursday, October 8, 2015

Jawbreaker Reunion - Lutheran Sisterhood Gun Club - 2014

Scintillaluz It is raw. It is fun. It is as all punk should be. Favorite track: Straightedge Revenge.

riya everything about this album is perfect, i'm in love Favorite track: E.M.O..

Kaitlin Brack Honestly love this band so much. gurl power. Favorite track: Tearing Down Posters.

Heaters - Holy Water Pool - 2015

Broken shards of the Bo Diddley beat, detritus left behind by the three-eyed men of the Elevators, the amplifier-abuse-turned-illumination of The Warlocks – all feed the rich soil from which “Holy Water Pool” emerges. And perhaps nowhere on “Holy Water Pool” is the fruit of that soil better served than on “Master Splinter,” an instantly-under-your-skin gallop of greatness that lays bare both the unbridled joy and teeth-gnashing distress of what we like to call rock and roll… Onward flows the “Holy Water Pool,” the rambunctious and replenished flow of rock and roll, inviting all for a cleansing, refreshing dip. Jump in. –

beverly tender - Lord Mayor Makes 1​,​000 Speeches - 2015

DIY bedroom pop blasting out of Raleigh. A lo-fi exploration into a female mind.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

She Bit Her Lip - Viiv - 2015

Estonian band creating lush shoegaze music. Very nice.

Roman Lakes - Since You Went Away - 2015

3-track single from Manchester’s Roman Lakes. Beautiful and catchy folk-pop that will make your heart melt.

Birkwin & Vienna - Diane - 2015

Smooth & groovy music plays along with the rap, singing, spoken word lyrics.

Sunshine Faces - Peaked - 2015

Sunshine Faces is a perfect DIY project; recorded in various location, which add to the overall textures of this spacey, bouncy, poppy bedroom release.

HEHFU - The Security of Insecurity - 2015

A collection of home recorded songs dating back to 2013. The original plan was to re-record them with a full band in a studio, but for various reasons that didn't happen. After two years out dealing with my Mother's illness and subsequent death with Motor Neuron Disease and my own depression and anxiety issues, I've decided now is the right time to finally release these tracks to the public. Any money raised from this release or any of my other releases on Bandcamp will be donated to the MND association and St David Hospice, as both were there in my Mother's and family's time of need. Here's to you Mam, I think about you everyday.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Kickstand Band - In the Sun - 2015

"Smith and Young harmonize in a trashy almost haphazard rock 'n' roll way that is both raw and sweet... and there's a surfy element that is instantly infectious. Think the '50s punkabilly of The Cramps and the breezy pop brilliance of The Beach Boys, all mixed up in a Boone's Farm warehouse." - Detroit Metronomes

Ural Mountains - Sovietic - 2015

French Argentinan band from Buenos Aires
DIY Indie Rock
Project started in 2013