Saturday, January 24, 2015

Alex G - Split 7" with R​.​L. Kelly - 2013

Lo-fi indie pop - very nice collaboration.

Haunted Leather - Gone So Long - 2015

Get your psych on with this rocking outfit out of Grand Rapids for a buck. 
Wicked release.

Timber Timbre - Live @ Massey Hall

If one of your Hot Dreams happens to be catching noirish folk explorers Timber Timbre performing at Toronto's Massey Hall, we've got some good news and some bad news for you. Starting with the bad, that show already took place over half a year ago. Thankfully, the Live at Massey Hall team have put the performance onto their concert-chronicling website. 

The footage was captured May 23 of last year, and finds the group presenting an atmospheric, reverberated performance of "Grand Canyon," as well as a sexy but sax-less stripped-down version of "Hot Dreams." Elsewhere, they focus on older tracks like "Trouble Comes Knocking." 

Jenny Lewis - Austin City Limits - 2015

Jenny Lewis' TV-heavy promo campaign behind last year's The Voyager continues, with the songwriter heading from the late-night scene to the PBS crowd for an upcoming episode of Austin City Limits. The full concert will be aired over the weekend, but you can get a sample of her set now via a performance of "Just One of the Guys." 

The preview isn't just the live performance from the upcoming telecast, though, with the onstage run-through of the country-dusted track being complemented by additional behind-the-scenes footage. For instance, you'll see light-hearted moments of the band goofing around during rehearsals, or chatting with various crewmembers. That said, you also see Lewis, in her Technicolor dream coat, giving a passionate performance for the ACL crowd. 

Lewis' Austin City Limits appearance airs January 25. exclaim 

Retreat From Moscow - In Search of Home - 2011

folky synthy sadly produced songs... hints of Bon Iver for sure

Mimicking Birds - Early Recordings - 2010

Jeremy (HI54LOFI) I've had the opening track on repeat for ages… so I guess it's time to give the rest of these tunes some ear love as well. Favorite track: Rivers, Veins, and Roots (Free Download).

Gabe Seeing them again the end of this month :) Favorite track: Nothing to Fear.

rosieoh I had never heard anything like this band before their music is so soothing. I can just listen forever and never get tired of listening. Favorite track: The Chimney Sweep.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Glass Vaults - Bright EP - 2013

Glass Vaults are a band from Wellington, New Zealand led by core members Richard Larsen and Rowan Pierce. The pairs' songs hypnotically migrate between subtle electronics and pulsating percussion that serves as a rich textural veneer to Larsen's haunting yet sentimental vocals.  

Arsenic! - Cautious Optimism - 2015

Arsenic! The overall product can be likened to a caring hug.

Name your price - Bandcamp

Bumper Jacksons Folkadelphia Session 6​/​14​/​2014

I like these live recording; this one has some foot stomping bluegrass tracks that can make the greyest  day blue...