Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Rah Rah - Vessels - 2015

Winter is like a house guest who overstays their welcome, but those chilly days can also offer a wealth of nostalgia.

Regina-based indie folk-rockers Rah Rah harnessed this notion on “Good Winter,” the first single from its forthcoming album Vessels, due out later this year (no release date just yet).

“A lot of this album, one of the main ideas that I was working with lyrically was thinking about memory a lot, and home and nostalgia and how time and nostalgia alters the past because we forget,” explains guitarist and vocalist Marshall Burns. “What actually happened doesn’t matter anymore—it’s how it’s remembered, right?”

Burns acknowledges that winter is an unfavourable season, particularly among those on the Canadian prairies, but there are also “fun little memories that are highly romanticized,” like the ones on “Good Winter”—brunch the day after a night spent tobogganing while slightly intoxicated, relationships, skating, hockey and plenty of pints... Vue W.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Nathaniel Rateliff – Liverpool - Live 2015

Singer–songwriter, Nathaniel Rateliff, performed live at Brighton Music Hall in Boston, MA. “Liverpool” is the first track found on Closer

William Fitzsimmons - Something in the Way

From "A Tribute To Nevermind" by Musikexpress Germany- William Fitzsimmons covers "Something in the way". Pictures from one of the first coloured movies, "the toll of the sea" from 1922.

Cloud - Zen Summer - 2015

Following the success of Tyler Taormina's critically acclaimed debut Comfort Songs, Zen Summer is the sound of a young man coming into musical maturity. While Cloud's debut may have been a "cathartic singalong with your best friends about love and family, going against all human inhibitions”, his sophomore release shows a more complex, developed, and textured approach to songwriting. 

Recorded like its predecessor in his Long Island collaborative space, Practice Room Records, Zen Summer displays a deeply organic and emotionally open approach to songwriting usually unavailable to those of such a young age. Opener Fly Into the Mystery perfectly encapsulates the surreal nature of new beginnings. Tentatively stepping into the unknown; a mixture of fear and excitement is expressed through a driving rhythm and reverb soaked vocals, which slowly give way to the joyous pop of Sunshine Psych. It’s this feeling of unease and uncertainty, followed by moments of exultation which underpins Zen Summer. Nervous excitement and trepidation buzz through each song, from Mantra One’s attempted reassurance of “don’t worry, Ty” to Melting Cassatt's cry of needing "a song to calm me down, or a friend’s hand to grab at David Weld’s”. 

In his own words: "After Comfort Songs I was in a dark place; but I always knew that when it ended, a really uplifting and bright time was going to come. When it inevitably did, the lightness I experienced turned into a really strange period of transition, culminating with me leaving home for Los Angeles. While Comfort Songs was written to bring some peace to those going through heartbreak and sadness, Zen Summer was written to help those experiencing the anxiety associated with a state of flux. I wanted it to envelop the listener completely, and for them to realise that things would be alright in the end.”

Decisions You Only Make When You’re Drunk

more here

Melted Ice Cream - Noise Island - 2015

This little compilation features all of the bands that played with Parquet Courts during their New Zealand tour of 2015. 
I think we made 40 copies and this is all that's left and we won't be making any more.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Tuff Love - Dross EP - 2015

Tuff Love's sophomore release, Dross EP, captures the essence of the band’s blistering live shows, as honeyed harmonies laze behind fuzz-drenched guitars, sleek bass lines and bruising drumming. ‘Slammer’ orbits a tense riff in the verses and lets rip in the choruses as Julie politely proclaims “I’ve got rage”. ‘That’s Right’ is a soaring adrenaline shot themed around instructions on a box of pain killers. ‘Sebastian’ bristles with low-down dropped-tuning hooks. Written on the night bus to London, ‘Cum’ is a swaying, savage-tender musing on regret and compassion. Get set to fall in love with Tuff Love all over again.

Har-di-Har - we are | they are - 2015

experimental dream-pop intricately composed and played the way three-legged contests are won.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

We Are The City – Violent - 2015

Violent is an album of soaring highs and hushed comedowns, with dense syncopations going toe-to-toe with noise-soaked crescendos and delicate pop melodies. Produced by Tom Dobrzanski (Said The Whale, The Zolas, Hey Ocean) at his Monarch Studios; “King David” moves from aggressive distortion to gentle acoustic plucking to swirling ambience, while “Bottom of the Lake” places marimba tinkles atop a gritty guitar backdrop, and the cerebral “Baptism” builds towards the album’s most thunderous climax. The album is also a companion project of the now internationally celebrated and award-winning film of the same name, written by We Are the City and filmed by Vancouver’s Amazing Factory Productions in Norway.  With a script penned entirely in Norwegian despite the fact that the band members didn’t speak the language, the subtitled film utilizes melodic motifs from the songs, while the story shares themes with the lyrics. boompa

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

brute love 02 - 2015

darren hayman and emma seek sunlight. they hate rules. they make rules. they need money to nurse their baby rats. nothing will be good again. it can never be like before. but sister lives. where is spaceship mark.