Monday, November 24, 2014

Spencer Radcliffe & R.L. Kelly - Brown Horse - 2014

A record label of family and friends since 2010.

bulldog eyes - you have fun - 2014

emo-acoustic indie demos... nice foundation.

The Polish Ambassador - Future, Sex, Computers - 2011

It's funky. it's electronique.. it's bleeps... and peeps it'll get you jiving to a new kerbleep!

Matt Paxton - Mountain Eyes EP - 2014

A little darker than my previous post, however Scott Orr lends a hand in drawing up these raw demos. A dark lo-fi acoustic sound weaves this release into a sketch of a desolation, dirty landscape where a man has a guitar and a story to tell.

Scott Orr - The Acoustic EP - 2010

One of my favourite Canadian singer-songwriters; great acoustic renditions from his musical catalogue, introduce yourself all over again. 

I've always wanted to take some of the songs ("greatest hits") that I've written over the course of the last 6 years and re-record them in a live, acoustic setting. 
However, this collection took so long to come together because writing/recording new stuff is always more fun then working on old material. This EP collects various recordings I've done in the last year of acoustic versions of new and old songs. All of them brought together in a quiet EP, recorded roughly and acoustically. Mostly in one or two takes... with little to no editing or overdubs. 

Track Listing 
1. No (Acoustic Version) 
- Brand new song written for this project. 
2. Other Thoughts (Acoustic Version) 
- Originally from "3 Songs EP" and "Miles from Today" 
3. A Bird On the Ground (Acoustic Version) 
- From the upcoming new record 
4. For a Frame (Acoustic Version) 
- Previously unreleased 
5. Hurricane (Acoustic Version) 
- Originally from "Lonesometown" and "Miles From Today" 
6. Danger (Acoustic Version) 
- Originally from "Ghost Party" 
7. Laura Lynn (Acoustic Version) 
- Originally from "Lonesometown" 
8. Ghosts (Acoustic Version) 
- Originally from "Ghost Party"

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Knots - The Blistering Sun, the Pale Moon, Hahahaha - 2011

Well said at BC:

Colin Nielsen Such a fantastic album all of the song are beautiful on their own, but together they create this beautifully haunting feeling that seemingly flows through the whole album

wonderdog Gives the same feeling as albums by His Name Is Alive: on listening, one is thinking "where the heck is this going?", but it all fits together well.
I like it a lot.

flat soda - electric Kool​-​aid - 2014

flat soda create bedroom pop with lots of experimentation abound. The pillow love songs fit well with the bare arrangements and deadpan vocals. Worth a listen.

ösö - LISTENJOY - 2014

Folk yin/yan harmonies warm the latest release from ösö. At times delicate and times frenetic, but always full of sentiment. 
Nice release

Friday, November 21, 2014

Norwegian Arms - Trimmings of Hides - 2011

Norwegian Arms presents: 

Trimmings of Hides 
a slight foray into the mind/body/soul of Keith Birthday and Dr. Awkward at American Diamond 

1. Run! Ran! Run! Rah! 
'Every day your life is the same until it is completely different' 

2.She Lives in a Secret Town 
'There is a reactor over there but I cannot touch it' 

'I went and moved until I was tired and then I got lost in the woods'

Dear Pariah - Engulf - 2014

Dear Pariah is the moniker for London based artist Charlotte Hinchcliff, a 24 year old British singer-songwriter and arranger. Her voice holds the weight of an old soul on young shoulders, with a distinctive sound that demands your attention.