Thursday, May 21, 2015

yr friends - yr friends over you - 2015

DIY is cool!

Yr Friends is Alexei from that band. I'm going on tour next week, I hope you all buy this cos I don't get gin based rider privileges outside of JF and I really fucking hate beer. Thank you, and have you changed up yr hair again? looks beautiful, go you. You can totally pay more than £3 if you think I deserve it and yr bank balance is okay with that ILY xxxx

American Wrestlers - American Wrestlers - 2015

Lucas P I've been wondering what happened to WFANFC, and this is the best possible answer. Made with a pawn shop 8-track and whatever instruments were lying around, this should be the release that blows up. Wherever I am in April I'll have this badass album, and that feels good.

Lakookla - Sbooqs - 2013

DIY through and through - and that's a good thing! Slowly meandering folk tunes with all kinds of unexpected surprises to accompany rustic female vocals.

Honeyblood - No Big Deal / The Black Cloud - 2015

Anything offering from these Glasgow girls rocks!

three man cannon - Pretty Many People - 2014

Excellent alternative pop with much to be desired in delivery, vocals, and authenticity.  Just enough fuzzed out on/off vocals, killer guitar lines, intricately linear drums and melodic personality to keep this on rotation, and it's frickin' free people.
Nice discovery that will find its' way to the top of my charts even of it is from 2014!

FURY THINGS - Saskatchewan EP - 2015

Fury Things get the province of Saskatchewan, simple, loud, boxy garage rock… 
you hear it in the tunes they create; for real!

La Luz - Damp Face - 2012

Really fun summer time feel to this little EP.

Jeremy (HI54LOFI) A long time ago, this album was on Bandcamp; I didn't buy it when I first came across it, and then when I came back to buy it, you couldn't buy it anymore. And it was like that for a long time. But now you can buy it again. So I bought it. True story.

Cory McCord These ladies are as professional as they come, but know how to let loose on stage and have fun. Played such a killer set at Seattle's Capitol Hill Block Party! 

Daichi Koyama Surf pop that avoids being cutesy, with amazing ethereal four-part harmonies. 

Firefly Music Festival Mixtape 2015

Firefly Music Festival would like to give you a unique preview of this year's lineup. Download to hear some of the Firefly acts we're most excited about. This year's festival will sell out, so buy your passes to the best weekend of the summer, Firefly Music Festival now:

1 ODESZA - Say My Name (feating Zyra)
2 Sylvan Esso - H.S.K.T.
3 The White Panda - Shut Up And Dance With Me (WALK THE MOON Remix)
4 Bahamas - Waves
5 Vacationer - Paradise Waiting
6 Cathedrals - Harlem
7 Verite - Colors
8 PHOX - 1936
9 Milo Greene - On The Fence
10 Generationals - Black Lemon
11 Twin Peaks - Making Breakfast
12 Lizzo - Batches & Cookies (Featuring Sophia Eris)
13 Hey Rosetta! - Gold Teeth
14 Knox Hamilton - Work It Out
15 Sweater Beats - Rain Dance
16 Prinze George - Victor
17 Broncho - It's On
18 Jayceeoh, B-Sides & Fawks - JIT GOING HAM
19 Intergalactix - If We Stepped On Mars
20 FiLiBuStA - No Handouts
21 Jack Novak (featuring Bright Lights) - Driving Blind
22 Cardiknox - Technicolor Dreaming
23 Falls - Home
24 Kingsize - Mathematics
25 FIANCE - Era

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Whistle Peak @ WRFL

a relaxed set from Spring 2013 at the University of Kentucky student-run radio station which absolutely rules.

Set List:
Big and Bright 
Us Two Can Play (4:00)
Land to Land (7:10)
Play the Ghost (9:50)
The Laws (13:25)
Wings Won't Behave (17:05)
Elbows and Ankles (20:15)
Hurry, Hurry (23:18)
In a Boat on a Lake (27:21)
Sailor (29:26)

Whistle Peak - Horseplay - 2015

These instrumentals were written for Horseplay, an exhibit at the Kentucky Derby Museum, curated by Dominic Guarneschelli. It was on display from May 2014 to January 2015. The songs provided the soundtrack for an exhibit intended to explore Derby themed games throughout history. These songs are meant to capture the long history of horse racing, gambling, and games in Louisville, KY.