Friday, July 24, 2015

Fox Academy - elsie - 2015

Like a twisted Disney soundtrack… very enjoyable… 
let this lull you into a sunny afternoon of mindless pleasure...

I'm Out!

Seapony - A Vision - 2015


The Deafening Colors - Carousel Season - 2015

"When you come to with a hangover on a crowded beach, these are the songs you’ll have dreamt about." - John Guttschall

The Left Outsides - The Shape Of Things To Come - 2015

“Woozily narcotic of tempo and bathed in reverb, minor chord-heavy songs…glide by in a melancholy swoon....there's a bewitching aura of moonlight dappled languor.” Mojo (****)

 “Packed with atmospheric, gentle psychedelic folk…this is a delicate and sublime mix of swooning melodies and haunting, intelligent arrangements.” Shindig! (****)

“It’s dark yet playful; 'quintessentially English' yet worldly and well- travelled as if part acid folk with hints of portentous balladry and filmic imagery as viewed through a gypsy campfire and all thoroughly delightful.” Terrascope (album of the month)

Numbers Are Futile - Sunlight on Black Horizon - 2015

“Numbers are Futile have clearly achieved that rare mind-altering power that we often dub ‘psychedelic’, without banking on handy signposts like wah pedals or drug references.” – Drowned in Sound 8/10 
“Spacey, fuzzy electronica, full of cascading synths, juddering, tribal drums and faraway vocals singing of fire and oblivion.” – The List ☆☆☆☆ 
“Errors, Steve Reich, Tangerine Dream and Vangelis flash past the windscreen as adrenaline injections pummel the heart over and over again.” – Sunday Herald 
“Unusual and very interesting” – Vic Galloway, BBC Radio Scotland 
“A true kaleidoscope of sound” – Glasgow Podcart 
“I was blown away. I found them utterly arresting” – Through the Wire 
“Synths squelch from the large control desk, while drums thunder away as if someone is about to sacrifce a lamb.” – WOW 24/7 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Bodyheat - Bodyheat - 2015

We are a band from Glasgow.

We like pop music. We hope you like ours.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Tumbling trees - Tumbling trees - 2015

Really nice acoustic yin/yan folk duets out of Germany. Wonderful harmonies, a solid outing.

Long Neck - les - 2015

some demos written and recorded during the summer of 2015 
season is already halfway over and i've been spending a lot of time on the lower east side. 
hot n humid n a bit sad

Side Saddle - Young Professional - 2015

Following “The Romance in Disappearing“–the lead single from their forthcoming EP, Young Professional.

“Legs For Days” is a beautiful folk-rock cut that builds in multiple parts over the course of four and a half minutes–each a fuller, more engrossing arrangement of textures and instrumentation than the last.

In regards to the impetus for the song’s creation, frontman Ian McGuinness tells us, “‘Legs for Days’ was a way for me to cope through a hard break-up. Lyrically, it takes you through the painful, hazy steps of separation and ends with a moment of clarity and a glimpse of hope. Sonically, the song was our first foray into a larger wall of sound, incorporating a string quartet, multiple trumpets and two drummers.” UTG

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Other Songs Music Co. - The Songs Are All We Have (Compilation) - 2015

For the past 5 years, we've had the opportunity to record and release some really special records and now we want to take some time to celebrate and dream about whats next. 

THE SONGS ARE ALL WE HAVE is a 20-song compilation of demos, live recordings, remixes, and b-sides. In addition to the digital album, we've also made stickers, buttons, a limited edition poster, and slipmats! The funds raised through these various packages will help us do more. More records, more shows, more songs. 

Our fans, friends, and family have been the reason we've been able to do what we do. 

We're going to keep going, keep recording great songs, and keep releasing great records. Please consider supporting us. 

Thanks for an unbelievable half-decade.