Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Gleemer - A Brother on the Carpet and a Brother at the Beach - 2014

This album is about a young guy who has a kid that he wasn't planning on and the events thereafter for the next 30 years. 

I recorded everything in my bedroom. 

Here are two music videos: 



A Weekend at the Feelies - Summertime Bloodsport EP - 2014

Dreamy, poppy, indie; doesn't demand a lot from listening to this band, and sometimes that's ok!

Foxes in Fiction - Ontario Gothic - 2014

A record label of family and friends since 2010.
Orchid Tapes is a online + cassette tape-based record label founded in Toronto (now based in Brooklyn) and run by Warren Hildebrand and Brian Vu, two friends with an shared interest in the creation and curation of music and artwork that breaks free of the established norm, disregards trends, reflects the dedication of it’s creator and provokes a strong emotional resonance within whoever experiences it.

The overall goal of Orchid Tapes is to share and explore music that reflects these ideals with those who are willing and able to listen, and also to unite and expose like-minded artists from all over the world under a collective-style label.

various artists - 80N7 - 2014

What an outstanding selection of artists on this comp. 
A must for all indie lovers out there!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Lily & Madeleine - Folkadelphia Session - 2014

Recorded at the XPN Performance Studio on May 3rd, 2014 by Eric Sanderson and James Clark Conner. Mixed in Philadelphia.

Mary Caroline - Such a Liar - 2014

Over the past few years I've been busy touring extensively throughout Canada. I also spent time living in a remote trapper's cabin on the shores of the Liard River, 600km from the community of Yellowknife. Here I learned about the old trapping lifestyle, sustenance living and arctic gardening.

In order to achieve what I wanted for this album, I removed myself from those familiar surroundings and spent this past summer recording at Hamilton, Ontario's converted church studio Catherine North.

Momuments and Statues - Oh Great Rose! - 2014

Monuments & Statues, based in Kingston, Ontario, combine traditional folk/classical instrumentation with quirky songwriting to produce an eclectic yet familiar hybrid-genre sound.

"Oh Great Rose!" features heavily intertwined vocal harmonies backed by rhythmic banjo and the eventual buildup of layered cello. Written in the midst of personal upheaval, "Oh Great Rose!" is a breezy number with a folksy figure, reflecting the vulnerability of love. Monuments & Statues' overall sound owes much of its influence to vintage Mother Mother, Sufjan Stevens, romantic era classical music, and Simon and Garfunkel.

Pet Sun - "Feel Like I'm Going Away" - 2014

The Wytches, Sonic Avenues, Bass Drum of Death, Hanni El Khatib, Together Pangea & The Black Lips are a few of the bands we've played with this year. We just signed with Sleepless Records and have been asked to be apart of Burger Records Cassette Tape Day which is conveniently the day our first official release coming out, September 27th.

The Red Headed Indian - Honey - 2014

A force of Folk woven with Soul, The Red Headed Indian is debuting her 6 track EP, “Honey”. Influenced heavily by Ray LaMontagne and Joy Williams of The Civil Wars, her simple lyrics sung with soulful heat introduce a style rarely heard from female artists. “Honey” sings of heartbreak and hopefulness. A soundtrack for those wandering back home.

Heath McNease - Fort Wayne (Songs Inspired by the Film) - 2014

After being named Derek Webb's choice for the best album on Noisetrade in 2013 with "The Weight of Glory: Second Edition", Heath McNease is exploring all facets of his artistry with the release of his brand new album and the debut of his new, free independent film. "Fort Wayne" is 17 tracks of folk/pop packed with raw lyricism, lush instrumentation, and atmospheric percussion that gives it a sound that falls somewhere between Bon Iver and Frank Ocean. The record serves as the soundtrack and backbone to his 43 minute film of the same name. McNease (who writes, directs, and produces the film) plays the protagonist, a down and out singer/songwriter stuck in the frozen midwestern town of Fort Wayne, Indiana. The album is premiering on Heath's youtube page, and can be viewed here as well. "Its my desire to become a fully functioning, self contained unit artistically. Being able to make my own film and to let my album serve as the soundtrack to it has been a dream come true," said McNease.